Mario’s closet is full of choices

Glen Brogan is a very talented artist who puts out many wonderful pieces of art, many of which are for sale as apparel over on Split Reason. He even designed our Rampage T-Shirt! His latest work is up for reviewing on Split and features Mario as he’s trying to figure out what to wear for the day. Metal Mario? Dr. Mario? Kuribo’s Shoe? So many choices!

Before you go flapping your mouths, yes, not all of Mario’s power-ups are featured:

“I wanted to include as many of his power-ups as possible, but the main rule I had to follow was that I couldn’t include things that actually transform Mario himself rather that just changing his wardrobe, like the Boo mushroom from Mario Galaxy that turns him into a ghost. So I’ve mentally prepared myself for the barrage of ‘OMG WHY DIDNT U INCLUDE THIS 1 ON THERE U R DUM.’”

The design is overall pretty awesome! Want to wear it on your own disgusting body? Then you better go vote for it.

[via TinyCartridge]

Hamza Aziz