Mario walks funny in Genesis Super Mario World

Mario somehow packed on a few pounds for the Genesis version of Super Mario World. In this rare, illegal port, Mario also walks funny while he’s carrying…why is he carrying crates? Oh, and it looks like he’s modified his fire pellet throw. Now it’s closer to Ryu’s Hadouken.

I could almost stand this, but Mario has a bit of a downs face, and the music is a bastardization of the original. The underworld music isn’t even there; it’s just the messed up main theme over and over. And why do the crates make that sound when they break.

Someone bought this piece of sh*t, this unlicensed Genesis cartridge, for $20.50 in an eBay auction. I suppose I might have, too. I would have played it with the sound off, though.

Watch the video until the end. You have to hear the sound it makes when Mario dies. It sounds like a 16-bit chain saw.

[via Go Nintendo]

Dale North