Mario Strikers: Battle League is next in the soccer-themed series

Mario’s not messing around this time

Have you ever played a sports game and thought, “man, this is fun, but I wish it felt more like Mario Kart.” Well you’re in luck, because Nintendo just announced the game that will scratch that very itch: Mario Strikers: Battle League. 

The game lets you suit up as your favorite character from the Mario-verse and battle your way to victory in the most chaotic soccer game you can imagine. Well, it’s not soccer really, but instead a similar, original sport they’re calling Strike. Sure, you’re going to be dribbling, passing to teammates, and scoring goals, but of course there are also some twists in there that we’ve come to expect from a Mario game. Players can also tackle, use items like the classic shells and banana peels from Mario Kart, and use “crushing special shots.”

There’s also customizable gear in the mix, which will give players different stat advantages and disadvantages based on what they equip, in addition to it altering how they look. Up to eight players will be able to compete against each other on one single Switch console, which is pretty cool. Of course there’s also online play available as an option, and players can join online clubs of up to twenty players to compete for placement in the rankings. You can join clubs made by family and friends, or just join one created by another player.

Mario Strikers: Battle League will be available on Nintendo Switch June 10, 2022, and pre-orders are open starting today!

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