Mario Party 8 delayed; PS3 shivs Wii in the back

Well lookie here. It appears that the PlayStation 3 isn’t the only system smacked with delay news lately. It seems our good ol’ pals at Nintendo want to show that they too know how to delay an anticipated title (let’s forget that whole Zelda delay just for fun). Mario Party 8, the only game you were probably looking forward to in the next few months on the Wii, is getting delayed until the 2nd quarter (that’s big boy speak for later in the year). From GoNintendo:

How did I know that something like this would happen. We get all this great news about Mario Party 8 yesterday. It gets me psyched for the game, something I haven’t felt for the series in awhile. Now we get the official press release from Nintendo that discusses first quarter releases, and Mario Party 8 is nowhere to be found.

I made my way over to the Nintendo press room to check the software list. The first entry in the “Q2Åç heading is none other than Mario Party 8. No telling how far into 2nd quarter it has been pushed, but I wouldn’t expect it to be too dramatic. Is anyone else bummed by this? 

Mmmmm, I can smell and taste your Nintendo fanbot tears right now. Delicious.

Robert Summa