Mario Party 64 has been turned into a platformer with this recent mod

Mama mia

Like spice, the Mario 64 mods must flow.

There’s no stopping the influx of reworks, fan creations and mods for what is ostensibly one of the most iconic platformers ever made, and that includes this new creation called “Mario Party 64.” Shared by YouTuber Mr.Comit, the mod (which is now at version 1.02) contains 70 Stars to collect, and allows you to play Mario Party 64 platformer style, in the same vein as Mario 64 proper.

Pretty much everything is in play here, from enemy character models to caps. The modder recreated all eight boards and “over a dozen minigames,” so this is pretty much a full-on brand new game. Some of the jumps look pretty tricky, even if I have those physics committed to muscle memory!

You can find the mod in the video description here.

Chris Carter
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