Mario makes an appearance in a Finnish drug bust

I don’t get the use of Mario’s image on this hallucinogen known as Bromo-Dragon-FLY, as shown above. Are those that want/use the sheets looking for clever marketing. Are Finnish drug heads also videogame fans? Are sales down or something?

And worse than this is that they used an ugly Mario!

No worries. This embarrassment is off the streets as Helsinki police busted the makers of this product. They say that the bust was worth 3.5 million dollars. Yes, someone actually made 3.5 million dollars worth of this crap that the news report called “designer drugs.”

They should rework the graphics to be little public service spots for those that blot this stuff. Make a little seal that reads something like “By using this I agree to suck at life.”

Mario appears in very high Finnish drug score [GamesRadar]

Dale North