Mario Maker player subverts guilt-trip level to save every Yoshi

Take that, Ross

Some level creators are using Super Mario Maker as a platform to make us feel guilty. They’re dreaming up courses that put Yoshi in harm’s way and have it so Mario can’t reach the end without sacrificing his faithful companion for the greater good. (As if we’ve never done that before.)

“YOU ARE A MONSTER” is one such level.

But players like YouTube user JayHez are fighting back. Here he is saving every last Yoshi.

Once you know the tricks needed to achieve this type of run, the process itself doesn’t look too strenuous. Well, aside from that nerve-wracking Bowser Jr. fight — I thought he was done for!

RubberRoss, the level’s creator, is now the true monster.

[Via reddit]

Jordan Devore
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