Mario Maker gives Nintendo license to be as creative as it wants to be

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Podtoid 406

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You might be wondering where our Super Mario Maker 2 review is. Well, it’s coming. We didn’t get the game until after it released, so we — and by we I mean me — are taking our time to do a thorough review of everything the game is and what it isn’t. What I can tell you know is the story mode is a hoot and the level designs showcase a type of unrestrained creativity not usually found in a traditional 2D Mario game.

That’s just one of the topics on this week’s episode of Podtoid. In addition to Mario Maker 2, we’re covering  Miles Edgeworth, Summer Games Done Quick, Wolfenstein in Germany, and trying to figure out just how much a television show based on Final Fantasy XIV will cost. All that, plus one shitty forest fire, on Podtoid Episode 406.

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