Mario & Luigi RPG 3 trailer is like Innerspace, but with less Martin Short

A new trailer for Mario & Luigi RPG 3 has made its way from the shadowy underbelly of Japan and into the West’s foul clutches, detailing the new gameplay to be had when our intrepid Mario Bros. end up inside Bowser’s body … and not in the way I’ve seen during visits to questionable “art” sites.

I really like where this new chapter of the incredibly fun RPG series is going. You’ll have to take charge of Bowser as well as the Mario Bros., and your actions as one party can affect the progress of the other. One example shown is Bowser drinking a lot of water on the top screen, forcing his new mustachioed squatters to make a swim for it on the bottom. 

There are a couple of TV spots after the jump if the above trailer has whetted your appetite. Can’t wait for this one, since these games are always a great laugh.





Jim Sterling