Mario Kart Wii in action: You can do Tony Hawk-like flips now

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and more news keeps coming from the Nintendo Conference (I guess Nintendon’t need TGS after all). This video for Mario Kart Wii really doesn’t show off too much, unfortunately, but we are able to see a couple of new things for the series. 

First, the new motorbikes are shown in action and from the looks of it, it’s just a cosmetic thing and won’t be better than a regular Kart. Oh, and you can pop a wheelie. The other, and interesting, new addition to Mario Kart is the ability to do tricks with your Karts. The video shows Mario doing a few flips with his Kart and everytime he lands it, he gets a speed boost.  

I loved the SNES and N64 versions to death. DoubleDash killed the series for me though. I just hope the Wii version will get me back into the series. You liking what you see Dtoiders?  

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