Mario Kart is going mobile with Mario Kart Tour

This should be good

After a bumpy start to its mobile strategy with the quickly forgotten — and soon to be no moreMiitomo and the underperforming Super Mario Run, Nintendo has really hit its stride. Fire Emblem Heroes is arguably one of the best games available on phones and Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is proving to bit a hit with women. Nintendo is already raking in millions with its smartphone games, so just imagine what will happen when Mario Kart goes mobile with Mario Kart Tour.

That’s literally all the information we have on this, but it’s enough to get me pumped. Racing games and mobile go together so perfectly yet I have not played a karting game on my phone that offers even a tenth of the fun of Mario Kart. Free-to-play or a premium priced game, either way, I’m in.

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