Mario Kart Arcade is getting an infinite shell mode and I crave that chaos for a Switch update

Also, Wario enters the fray

So in Japan, arcades might be hurting, but they’re still kicking. And remember: there are a lot of weird publisher agreements that involve all sorts of weird IP swaps.

I constantly forget that Bandai Namco actually runs the Mario Kart Arcade line until I see their logo emblazoned on actual hardware in the wild, and it was just announced that they’re bringing another big update to Mario Kart Arcade Grand Prix DX this week. Scheduled to arrive on December 10, it’s adding a new mode called “all you can throw green shells,” which is exactly how it sounds.

Players can throw green shells from the start to the end of the race, and the courses are themed to include tons of walls, so shells will be bouncing around constantly. It’s…amazing! I want to see this as an optional mode in a future Mario Kart game. Hell, I want some sort of update for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. With the sales it has, why hasn’t this happened by now!? Nintendo could easily add in a Pikmin or Metroid update similar to how they handled the Zelda DLC.

Oh, and Wario is coming as a playable character in the arcade edition. To celebrate, the arcade units will get a new look. But forget Wario for a second: infinite green shells! Make it happen, Nintendo. Bandai Namco does what Ninten-don’t.

Mario Kart Arcade Grand Prix DX new mod []

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