Mario Kart 8’s Animal Crossing DLC is out today

Eight tracks, three (four) characters, and four karts

Want more Mario Kart 8? Today is your lucky day! DLC Pack 2, otherwise known as the “Animal Crossing DLC” is out on Wii U. This follows-up the first pack from November 2014.

200cc races and eight new Mii costumes will be available for everyone regardless of whether or not you purchase the DLC, but if you do, you’ll get eight courses (Ribbon Road GBA, Baby Park GCN, Wild Woods, Big Blue, Animal Crossing, Neo Bowser City 3DS, Cheese Land GBA, and Super Bell Subway), four characters (Villager Boy/Girl, Isabelle, and Dry Bowser), and four vehicles (P-Wing, City Tripper, The Streetle, and Bone Rattler). Yep, I totally count male and female villager as different characters.

Expect some impressions in the future. For now, get to downloading!

Chris Carter
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