Mario Golf 64 is coming to Switch Online this month

Mario Golf 64

April 15

While Nintendo launched a number of Genesis and Nintendo 64 games out of the gate for the Switch Online Expansion pack, recent additions have been pretty scarce. Every so often you’ll get a scrap on Switch, and this month’s meal is Mario Golf 64.

Straight from Nintendo’s mouthMario Golf will hit the Switch Online Expansion Pack service on April 15. If you’re unfamiliar with the game (whether it’s your first time on the jagged links or your 100th), Nintendo of Japan put out a nice little features trailer that you can watch below. Suffice to say that it still holds up in many respects with its approach to “plussed up” golf, similar to how Kirby’s Dream Course reinvented the medium on the SNES, and to an extent, Marble Madness helped form a golf-like action genre (with some Labyrinth thrown in) before that.

So what’s next? Well, Jordan has this great little list here you should bookmark! But to sum it up, Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards and Pokemon Snap are 100% confirmed to be coming down the line. And as Nintendo puts it: “There is no set schedule for new releases, but each collection will continue to grow.”

Very helpful! That definitely feels like something that will make the decision to go premium go down easier.

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