Mario Galaxy 2 = High difficulty, accessible controls

Those looking for a challenge in Super Mario Galaxy 2 won’t be disappointed, with Shigeru Miyamoto claiming that his game will be more difficult this time around. However, that difficulty is to be offset by an improved, more “accessible” control scheme. Swings and roundabouts, mate.

“Novice players often have a hard time getting a grip on how to control their character freely in the 3D world,” says Miyamoto. “I’m always trying to improve the system so that whenever we are working on a new 3D action game like Mario Galaxy 2, it’s my dream to come up with the perfect control mechanism, so that people can use it intuitively and naturally be able to play around in the world very freely. 

“We have to admit that this difficulty level of Galaxy 2 is rather high because it has been made specifically for the people who have finished Galaxy 1. But when it comes to the accessibility — in other words the easiness to control the Mario character — it’s even easier than the original Galaxy 1. It’s fun all the time because we are trying to do something unprecedented and unique.”

Fair enough. If he’s made it easier to do the swing attack without getting hit first, I’m all for it.

Miyamoto: Mario Galaxy 2 control is ‘accessible’ [CVG]

Jim Sterling