Mario and Home Depot: not just plumbing in common

Did you know that decorating Home Depot aprons was a thing? I did not. Shoes I get. Home Depot aprons, not as much. However, when they have a rendition of the first level of Super Mario Bros. painted across them it’s still awesome. If I saw a person in Home Depot wearing the above apron by Last LAugh INk I would be far more likely to procure things from their establishment in order to better my home with said things. I don’t have a lawn, but that apron would convince me to possibly buy a lawnmower.

I’m not sure how or why Last LAugh INk’s Dan Murphy started painting on Home Depot aprons, but he seems to really dig it. Aside from the Mario rendition above he’s done Star Wars, Marvel superheroes and Family Guy to name a few. Pretty unique hobby as far as hobbies go, don’t you think? Maybe he can make us a Mr. Destructoid apron that says “You can do it. Also, cocks.”

[Via Kotaku]

Matthew Razak