Many new Devil May Cry 4 screens: Knuckles looks pissed

Hey kid! Wanna see something? C’mere! Yeah, just a lil’ closer …

See that gallery down there? Next to that bag of candy? Yeah, those are brand new screens from Capcom’s Devil May Cry 4, the yet to be released story of a melancholy demon, the women who love him, and — according to all the art we’ve seen so far — the metrosexual Meg Ryan lookalike who also loves him.

Oh, did I offend you? You’ve got some bizarre attachment to that Nero fellow? Well how does it feel to see him being assaulted by echidnas? No, not the actual Bizarro-World-armadillo-thing that National Geographic flaunts almost as often as the breasts of Aboriginal women. Apparently echidnas in the land of wind and ghosts are some kind of hybridization of a velociraptor and Satan himself.

Also, they smoke. Yup. Three or four packs of Lucky Strikes a day. You can’t tell me that doesn’t spell “danger” in any language.

On top of that, there’s some chlorophyll-huffin’ loopy broad in the mix. No, I don’t know how she pees, and honestly I don’t think I want to know. 

What’s that? Your mom’s calling? Fine. I’ll be here tomorrow. Maybe I’ll have more pictures, maybe not. Next time you come, bring me some bread or a cabbage or something … I’m starving … 

[UPDATE: Also, I realize we exhibited a few of these screens earlier this week, but I was too lazy to remove them from my queue once I’d put them there, so you’re just going to have to accept higher quality versions. One love. — Nex] 

Earnest Cavalli
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