Manhunt 2 uncut in The Netherlands: Get your import mojo on

While America and Britain still consider their populations full of people who need entertainment screened like nations of giant infants, it seems that at least one country is sensible enough to let its people think for themselves. While the US version of Manhunt 2 was edited to avoid the defacto banning of an AO rating and the UK/German versions are still banned like it’s the 1800s, our friends in The Netherlands have found themselves unable to ban the game thanks to perhaps the most awesome law in the world. Should Rockstar choose to, it will be able to sell the controversial sequel in all its banworthy glory.

There were those that tried to ban the game there, of course, but Dutch laws on the matter are founded on the idea that grown adults can make their own decisions and discern for themselves which games they can and cannot play. A country that doesn’t patronize and mollycoddle its people? Wow, I’d never have imagined it in my lifetime. Rockstar hasn’t expressed a desire to release an uncut version out there, but if it ever does, I will have no concerns with importing a copy. I don’t even want it, but anyting to stick it to the BBFC.

[Danke, TehuberOne]

James Stephanie Sterling