Manhunt 2 is banned here in America too

The bad news keeps piling up for Rockstar and Manhunt 2. GamePolitics asked analyst Michael Pachter to see what he thinks Rockstar needs to do to save their asses and not have another Hot Coffee on their hands:

I had estimated [Manhunt 2 would generate] around $25 million in revenues for this quarter, plus around $15 million in reorders.  It’s not clear to me whether Take-Two will:

1) ship the game as is;

2) re-cut the game and try to have the UK ban/US AO rating lifted;

3) cancel the game.

Unfortunately for Rockstar, they only have 2 options now. Nintendo and Sony have both stated today that they will not allow an AO rated game to play on their respective consoles. Seeing as how the game is banned in crumpet and tea land, and now more or less here, Rockstar has to either redo the game or just cancel it. Either way, this will undoubtedly hurt Rockstar financially.  

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go catch Hostel 2.

[Thanks F1tches and Magesx]

Hamza Aziz