Man vs. Machine proves 999-player multiplayer is possible

Something spectacular happened last evening. Swedish non-profit MuchDifferent hosted an event of monumental proportions. Nearly one thousand players participated in battle as the resolve of the technological development firm’s network was put to the test.

First-person shooter Man vs. Machine was built utilizing the Unity engine as an experiment for new network technology that allows for hundreds upon hundreds of users to play simultaneously in a lag-free environment. The result was absolute chaos; 999 players rushed toward another with guns blazing in what must have been one of the most prodigious multiplayer experiences ever.

While the game was a one-time only experience, MuchDifferent is looking to put this technology in the hands of developers everywhere. With any luck it won’t be too long before we’ll all be able to experience battles on this massive scale. Let’s just hope that when it does happen developers have something a little more creative in mind than making the most colossal Normandy landing ever. 

Kyle MacGregor Burleson