Man, Twitter users can craft some rad Zelda art

This Breath of the Wild group shot is the best

You really can’t have enough great Zelda art. I mean there’s a huge demand for it, plenty of source material, and a legion of artists ready to whip up a Minish momento on a moment’s notice.

This one piece caught my eye recently by way of a Reddit post, which was tracked back to Twitter user @poapipoa, which led me down the rabbit hole of even more great Twitter Zelda artists — which was basically my entire evening leading up to the long awaited Curb Your Enthusiasm premiere.

Gurashii has a great list of works from myriad Japanese artists, which range from the humorous to the kawaii, to the…slightly scandalous. While Skyward Sword had plenty of opportunities for fan art sparks (some guy or gal is probably set for life scrawling Groose cartoons), Breath is even more magical in my mind.

Poapipoa [Twitter via Reddit]

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