Man-tastic: Cho Aniki Zero ready for download on PSP

Finally! Cho Aniki Zero can be downloaded from PlayStation Network onto your PSP. I’m not be facetious when I say literally all of yesterday was me checking the PS Store to see if the latest update was out. I knew the shoot-’em-up was releasing then, but wasn’t sure how much it would cost. Hint: it’s $19.99.

My only prior experience with the series is Chō Aniki Bakuretsu Rantō Hen, a fighting game for the Super Famicom. Let’s just say these games live up to their reputation and then some. Anyway, I’ll let the ESRB summary explain what you can expect from Cho Aniki Zero:

Some male and female characters are depicted in revealing outfits, and dialogue contains numerous suggestive references; for example, “It’s full to bursting with man juice,” “let me wipe you down. C’mere big boy,” “I’m gonna hold my best bro’s hand, and we’re gonna cuddle up all close, ’til our eyelashes touch,” and “Get you’re a*s off my neck! Stop rubbing!”

In one sequence, players battle a pair of bosses connected in the following manner: the man in front is positioned like a dog while the man in back is cradling the squatting man’s knees, his face submerged under the man’s crotch. The game contains language such as “sh*t,” “a*s,” and “a*shole.”

Bless you, Aksys Games. Bless you.

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