Man plays Mario theme with banana

Oh, Internet. First, you shattered my ability to feel empathy for the world’s woes. Then, you killed every scrap of sensitivity that I had with outrageous pictures and video. Now, you have swooped down and taken the original Super Mario Bros. theme away from me. Thankfully, you only did it with a banana.

That’s right, one of the guys from Eegra plays the Super Mario Bros. theme with a banana in the video above. Naturally, I’m wary of what kind of banana that man has. Whenever I run to my grocer for a banana it typically doesn’t scream at me while I cut or peel it.  If it did, I doubt I could manipulate it enough to create a song.

Regardless, this is just another lesson within the beauty of the Internet and videogames. A banana and Mario always equals success.

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