Man pays $46 grand to look like Final Fantasy VIII dreamboat Squall Leonhart

‘You’re the best looking guy here’

Have you ever found yourself gazing longingly at Final Fantasy VIII protagonist Squall Leonhart? Thinking “geez, if only I were that dreamy.” Well, 21-year-old Amirul Rizwan Musa shares those sentiments. 

The Malaysian model began his career back in 2014, and since then has had several surgical procedures with the intent of emulating everybody’s favorite student mercenary. 

Who could blame him, just look at this hunk.

Musa is the face of a multitude of cosmetic products, which include skin-whitening creams. You might be able to attribute some of his pale complexion to that, but I’m sure the multiple surgeries helped.

Musa has spent roughly RM 200,000 on cosmetic surgery, which translates to $46,865 US.

Smile even though it hurts

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If you ask me, Musa doesn’t exactly bring Squall to mind, but if it bolsters the guy’s confidence then who am I to judge?

Here’s another photo of him getting proper Squall levels of broody.

Rayaaa hambarrr 😭

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Malaysian man pays over US$46,000 to look like Final Fantasy’s Squall Leonhart [Rocket news]

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