Man knitting Sackboy, mysteries of the universe solved

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Dale “I Love to Knit” North is about to have his hopes and dreams of a hi-def knitting game crushed like a beautiful flower in a field stepped upon by the soldiers of an evil advancing army. That knitting man tease and countdown that showed up a few days ago is not for a knitting game, but for none other than LittleBigPlanet 2.

After the site was dug through with a fine-tooth comb a hidden logo for the game and a tiny Sackboy were found hidden in the flash file. In fact if you head over there now the knitting man has advanced far enough in his knitting ways that he’s gotten the Sackboy’s body and leg done.

Still no word on why two men are watching him knit, but this is Japan so let’s not try to put too much logic into the marketing. I’m getting a weird Godfather vibe from the whole thing, which is not really the feeling LBP should bring up, but maybe Sony is taking a different approach in Japan.

Update: He’s crocheting. My grandmother would be so ashamed of me.

Sackboy Spoils Sony’s Knitting Man Countdown [Siliconera]

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