Man hate-buys Rosalina & Luma amiibo in bulk so fans can’t have them

This guy sounds like a real bundle of joy

As with any collector craze, amiibo are being hit hard by the resell market — a group of people that buy as many as possible only to flip them for a substantial profit. Most see it purely as business, but one man’s driven by a personal vendetta with regard to one of the figurines.

In an interview with Nintendo Nuggets, a collector of vintage Nintendo items who goes by both “Daily Dose” and “Mariotehplumber” revealed that he’s pre-ordered more than a hundred Rosalina & Luma amiibo — all because he really, really dislikes the character. “I do not appreciate Rosalina appearing in almost every recent Mario game to date. The fact Nintendo promotes her so much and people praise her is just disgusting,” he said.

Daily Dose continued “I hate her fans, too. I know for a fact her amiibo will be among one of the most popular, which is why I took the time to wait and pre-order over 100 of her. I do not want her fans to be happy… It just crushes me Nintendo from the good days went to this shit for character designs.”

While it seems excessive, it’s just a fraction of the amount of money Daily Dose claims to have committed to amiibo. He says that he has already spent more than $4,000, and that he has an additional $35,000 to invest on the figurines. Of those funds, he states that he intends to spend heavily on Lucina, Palutena, Robin, and Zero Suit Samus — all out of a similar hatred and disdain that he has for Rosalina.

Some might find it unbelievable that one man could acquire this many rare amiibo, but Daily Dose says that he orders them using addresses of friends and family. There isn’t any substantial evidence that he owns all of these apart from several pictures of piles of amiibo graced by a middle finger (something that, honestly, sounds likely from a man of this mindset). So, if you’re looking for a Rosalina amiibo with no luck, just remember that someone who can’t stand her is part of the reason why.

Exclusive: Collector Spends $4k with $35k in Reserve on Amiibo! [Nintendo Nugget via reddit]

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