Man, Deathwing-themed skins fit just about every video game character in existence

Hail the conquering dragon

Deathwing the Destroyer is a pretty popular Warcraft character. In addition to shaking the very planes of the World of Warcraft universe he’s also become an avenue for fan art (especially given that he has a dragon and human form): and has even crossed over into other Blizzard games.

The latest crossover is actually an unofficial Heroes of the Storm Stukov skin from a fan (found at the Chinese site NGA BBS), but it still works, and even earned the approval of a Blizzard artist. Even the promo art goes all the way with a profile of Deathwing in the background, but the more down-to-earth skin concept could be put into the game today.

The crazy thing about this whole affair is that Stukov is from Starcraft, Deathwing is a Warcraft character, and the crossover is for Heroes of the Storm. Blizzard has a way of keeping fantasy and sci-fi so aligned that they’ll work together at any moment.

Stukov Deathwing [ via Reddit]

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