Man, Dangerous Golf looks really really great

Break stuff

The sportsman in me wants to love golf, but the lover-of-exciting-things in me just can’t be bothered. As a youth, the best part about hitting the links was wandering into the rough to try to recover balls that other golfers gave up on. Slazenger, nice!

I’d bet most people feel similarly. Even Tiger Woods, the man who was supposed to save golf, didn’t make golf all that interesting. He was interesting and the way he shredded his way through majors was interesting, but the golf itself wasn’t really interesting. Few people were tuning in to watch Fred Couples or Davis Love III or Vijay Singh, even at the peak of golf’s mainstream popularity. (Somewhat related: ESPN recently ran a very good long-form piece about Tiger and the effect that his dad’s death had on him.)

While Dangerous Golf is technically a golf game, this trailer makes it plainly clear that this ain’t your grandpa’s golf. Your grandpa (probably) never golfed in a kitchen, trying to destroy everything in that kitchen. This looks less like golf and more like that mini-game in Tony Hawk’s Project 8 where you bail on a trick and try to break as many bones as you can. That’s probably a reductive summary of Dangerous Golf.

I have only this trailer to guide my impressions, but Steven has already played Dangerous Golf. Expect some thoughts from him later this week. Tee time’s soon though, as Dangerous Golf releases sometime in June.

Brett Makedonski
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