Man, Breath of the Wild’s Link sure cleans up good after 21 years

Recognize the scene?

Say what you will about Nintendo, but they know how to lovingly repackage nostalgia.

While some will say it’s pandering, you could see the passion emanate from Iwata’s eyes whenever he was talking about a revival of an old property, and in some way, I can see that same affection with this new promotional piece of art for Breath of the Wild.

For most of you out there, it’s just Link sitting on a mountainside looking at…another mountain. But for the older generations, it brings back the memory of opening up the manual for the original Zelda for the first time on the NES and checking out that glorious art. See the comparison for yourself in the gallery below.

Man, so far everything about Breath of the Wild seems like a step up from the linear Skyward Sword. As long as it doesn’t have a five hour tutorial and forced waggle, I’m sure it’ll get off to a better start, at least.

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