Man At Arms forges NieR: Automata’s Virtuous Treaty

2B’s blade come to life

Man At Arms: Reforged, the YouTube series that makes real-life builds of weapons from games, comics, and movies alike, recently took up the task of creating 2B’s sword from NieR: Automata

Forging a weapon like this is undoubtedly an insane amount of work, but the amount of detail that goes into the hilt of this weapon in particular, along with the strange shape of the blade, just shows that these guys and gals are masters of their craft. 

You can check out the roughly 20-minute video above to see the amount of hard labor that goes into making a sword like this and then see it in action slicing up milk jugs and pineapples. 

You can also check out even more amazing builds from Man At Arms: Reforged, like their forge of Roadhog’s hook from last year over on their parent YouTube channel, AWE me.

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