Man at Arms forges Master Yi’s sword from League of Legends

Green with envy

I only know the Man at Arms guys from their YouTube series where they forge dumb, impractical, and awesome weapons from different games and anime. So when I was visiting with the in-laws this weekend and a Man At Arms TV show came on after another thrilling episode of Border Patrol, I was pretty excited. Only, it turns out the Man At Arms TV show isn’t about forging bitching iconic blades. It’s about watching four jackasses paw through scrap metal to try and make a bowie knife for other jackasses to judge — in between emotionally revealing confessionals of course. It’s like Chopped, but with metal instead of souffles. I was disappointed.

Anyway, here they are making Master Yi’s sword from League of Legends. I’m not even a LoL guy and I thought this one turned out super cool. Even after watching several of these videos, I’m always amazed at how much work goes into making them, these guys are nuts.

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