Malaysia finally receiving the PS3

Today, Sony announced that they will be taking the PlayStation 3 to Malaysia on September 20 this year. Unlike North American store shelves that are cluttered with different variations of the PS3, Malaysia will simply receive the 80GB version of the machine.

As for celebration, Sony will be tossing a party at the 1Utama shopping centre in Petaling Jaya. The public is invited to the event, and the first 100 people that show up to buy PS3s will receive some cash for their troubles. It’s also being reported by The Star Online that Sony is planning to sell 150 launch bundles that include Soul Calibur IV, tote bag, and a CD holder.

Personally, I think every PS3 should come with a tote bag. It’s a perfect depository for my tears of sorrow whenever I think about how much disk space I have left on my beloved PS3.

[via Edge — Thanks Adam!]

Brad BradNicholson