Make yourself look sillier playing Wii Sports; introducing Wii Boxing Gloves

I truly find it hard to believe that anyone is still actually playing Wii Sports, much less the “sounds great on paper, but about as fun as trying to bite your own ear” Wii Boxing. But then again, NPD numbers indicate that Nintendo sold 338,000 Wii consoles last month, so I’m sure that somewhere someone’s grandmother is flailing wildly at a television. 

With Wii “fight clubs” and bowling leagues popping up all over the place, maybe there actually is a market for the Wii Boxing Gloves that Divineo is selling for $12.95 a pair. Simply slide the nunchuck and remote into pouches located on the made-for-Wii gloves and before you know it, you’ll be looking like a total idiot and alienating your friends in no time. 

Divineo also offers bulk discounts, if you need to purchase 50 pairs of boxing gloves for your local Wii fight club. I sure do hope someone gets hurt.

Nick Chester