Make your 360 faceplate wobble to da’ flo in three easy steps

Back when Peter Moore was rambling on about lucid dreams and such, Xbox 360 customization was all the buzz. With theme packages (rape) and custom faceplates, everyone could have their own, unique Xbox 360. Because we’re all unique flowers, don’t you know? This didn’t last long, as most gamers realized that focusing on a Queer Eye maker-over of their gaming console was low on their list or priorities.

Still, that’s not to say that artist Pavel Dolgov doesn’t make some spiffy, custom faceplates. Dolgov has decided it’s time to share his trade secrets, and has put together a video that will show you (yes, you) how to make your own custom faceplate in three easy steps.

First you’ll have to sit through video of Pavel and his lady friend going to the mall to buy the faceplate, all set to the sounds of Jibbs’ “Chain Hang Low.” The next video I suggest would be an English language tutorial for Mr. Jovan “Jibbs” Campbell.
The tutorial won’t make you a better artist, so if your idea of Master Chief looks closer to the Destructoid robot than a SPARTAN-117, don’t bother. But if you’ve got the skills, bust out the sandpaper and go to town, playa.
Nick Chester