Make sweet, sweet, screeching music with the Steam Controller

It’s like a robot stuck in a blender

There’s something really appealing about using things which sound just awful to make neat music. People have managed to get a tune out of disc drives, dot matrix printers, both together, and now the Steam Controller’s haptic feedback.

Using a file developed by Steam forum user Pila, you’re now able to play .midi files using the two motors on either side of the controller.

Up top, you can see the developer using the controller to play Portal’s credits theme, “Still Alive.” You can also listen to the Doom theme, and the folks over at PC Gamer managed to make a lovely sounding “Star Spangled Banner.”

It’s not recommended you play anything too lively on it because we don’t quite know how durable the actuators are. So absolutely do not, under any circumstances, crap out your controller by recording a video of you playing the Death Waltz on it, and definitely don’t send it to me for my own personal enjoyment. Totally don’t do that.

We made the Steam controller sing The Star Spangled Banner [PC Gamer]

We made the Steam controller sing The Star Spangled Banner

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