Make sure to set aside a whole lot of hard drive space for The Evil Within

50 GB on PC, 40 GB on consoles

The Evil Within players might experience something slightly terrifying before ever booting up the game — the amount of hard drive space that Shinji Mikami’s latest creation takes up. Bethesda just released the system requirements for PC and consoles, and they’re doozies.

On PC, 50 GB of hard drive space will be needed to install The Evil Within (although Bethesda notes that it’ll only take up 41 GB once the install is complete). Xbox One and PS4 need 40 GB available. Xbox 360 and PS3 only require 7 GB, but there’s a mandatory install to the console’s HDD — no just letting the disc spin.

Diving a bit deeper into the PC requirements, recommended specs are 64-bit Windows 7 or Windows 8, i7 with four plus cores, 4 GB RAM, and the equivalent of a GeForce GTX 670 with 4 GB VRAM. All that plus a penchant for being scared are all you’ll need to play The Evil Within.

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