Make room on your display shelf: A new Resident Evil figure is born

If you guys know me, you know I’m a sucker for toys and figures of just about any kind. Forking over my greenbacks for a statue from a game comes naturally. Since I’m still waiting on the 16″ Big Daddy of my dreams, Tyrant from the Resident Evil series will have to do for now. The guy is pretty bitchin’ though.

The statue comes in a limited run of 1500 pieces and is the first in a series of six, unveiling a master plan for Capcom to absorb your soul entire by means of your wallet. How much would it cost the Resident Evil fanatic tobuy all six, after they are all released? A cool $1200, that’s how much. Start saving now (or working on your master plan to rob the bank of your choice.)

Who else is coming, you ask? You can look forward to Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine, “G” William Burkin, Albert Wesker and Nemesis in the complete series. Tyrant will be available in January for a purchase price of $199.90 from Play Asia and comes in a signed and numbered box, which will be very important to show to other collectors.

Bonus, exclusive from Destructoid: If you check out the gallery pics, you can see some exclusive shots of Tyrant’s ass. Sexy! Or not. 

[Via Play-Asia – Thanks Adam!] 

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