Make real music with your Rock Band drums

When you’re done being a fake rock star for a fake rock band (yeah, I said it), use those very same fake drums you’ve been playing with to make real music.

This video from Creativity to Spare shows us how to connect Rock Band’s Xbox 360 drums to consumer-level music making program GarageBand to make some real drum noises. Sure, they’re no Roland V-Drums, but they’re one-tenth the price. And when you realize that you really suck at drums, you’ll be glad that you’re not out any money.

After a couple of software drivers are installed and some configuration is done, you’re set to go. The good thing about Rock Band‘s drum emulation is that good players will actually have a fair chance of making a decent noise or two. Sadly, there’s no hope for the guitar and bass people.

And if you can’t seem to put the drumsticks down, you could always use the Rock Band kit to navigate Destructoid’s fine family of Web sites.

Windows users can do the same things. 

[Via Polygamia — Thanks, Piotr] 

Dale North