Make faces at yourself with the DS Camera

Coming out alongside a new title called Otona No Ds Kao Training (Face Training) is a new camera that plugs into that Game Boy Advance slot on the bottom of your Nintendo DS that you rarely use anymore. The camera ‘sees’ and recognizes your facial expression to help you with ‘face training’ or ‘facening’, which is a type of exercise to keep your skin and visage beautiful.

One screen shows the game face while the other shows the real-time video of yours for comparison. Let’s hope that we can capture screenshots.

Aimed at the ladies, this Intelligent Systems developed title hits Japanese shelves on August 2nd for 4,800 yen.

If you thought you were embarassed to be yelling at your DS before (“blue…wait – BRUE!”), you ain’t seen nothing yet.

[via GamesDog]

Dale North