Major Nelson opens red Xbox 360 bundle, surprised to find it contains red 360

What’s above is a video of Xbox’s Major Nelson opening up the Resident Evil 5 red Xbox 360 bundle. No surprise, the console looks just like an Xbox 360, except that it’s red. Closer inspection reveals that it’s one of the newer “Jasper” consoles, if that’s the kind of thing you’re keeping track of. 

The bundle also contains all of the crap that comes with just about every other similar Xbox 360 package — a 120 GB HDD, a headset, an HDMI cable, component cables, and an Ethernet cable. You also get a piece of cardboard that contains a redeemable code for Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix and a retail copy of Resident Evil 5. It’s all really exciting. 

The folks at Engadget seem to think this is a sub-par unboxing, saying that they will post a “real unboxing” when the bundle goes on sale on March 13. What the hell does that mean, exactly? A “real unboxing”? You open the box and everything you paid for is inside of it. That’s how this stuff works.

We’re as guilty as the next outlet, having engaged in this “unboxing” nonsense in the past (see our Destructoid-exclusive unboxing after the jump). But what is the obsession with seeing people take stuff out of the box, especially when it’s identical to stuff already on the market, just in a different color or configuration? Don’t we have games to be playing, guys? 

Nick Chester