Major Minor’s Majestic March trailer: there’s audio, but not as good as Nick’s

As far as Major Minor’s Majestic March goes, we get a lot of screens, but not a lot of audio. Destructoid Editor-in-Chief Nick Chester had enough of that and resorted to creating his own audio for a trailier. Brilliance, I tell you. I listen to that audio and think “that dude is my boss.” Oh, and I’ve been singing that soulful, high-pitched “Majestic Maaaaarch!” all week now.

This new trailer has totally official audio, and while it’s not near as cool as Nick’s version, it does give you an idea of how the game will sound and look. The trailer is pretty cool (great songs!) until the creepy players pop up on screen with their fake smiles plastered on their faces. Yikes.

I wonder if this game’s presentation will hurt it any. If you’ll remember, we did a hands-on impression at E3 2008. After we got the hang of it, it was pretty fun. Hell, even Mr. Destructoid himself gave it a spin (scroll down). I’m kind of looking forward to it. What about you?

Dale North