Major gaming subreddits go dark over employee being fired from reddit

reddit revolts

[Update: There is now a live thread of what is happening as it happens that you can see here. There is a report that Victoria was fired not due to the Jesse Jackson AMA but for taking a stand against commercializing AMAs and other things reddit management wanted her to do. As always take all rumors with a grain of salt.]

Reddit is imploding after the firing of admin Victoria Taylor, one of the main people behind the popular Q&A subreddit r/IAmA where notable figures and celebrities answer questions directly from redditors. It is unconfirmed but many are suggesting she was fired over an AMA (ask me anything) that occurred yesterday with Jesse Jackson that didn’t go so smoothly, to say the least.

Currently, a very extensive list of subreddits have been set to private — meaning only mods and those who have granted access can view them — including many gaming related subreddits such as: r/fallout (and seemingly every Fallout related subreddit), r/finalfantasy, r/gaming, and r/splatoon. 

Many subreddits have issued statements, including r/gaming: “Due to an unexpected reddit administrative personnel change /r/gaming joins a group of default subreddits going dark temporarily in an effort to resolve the situation. Our apologies for any disruption this may cause.”

Keyword there being temporarily, so it appears they expect this to resolve favorably for everyone. Let’s hope that is the case.

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