Majesco announces official E3 2008 lineup

Earlier today, we brought you word on what games Capcom and Square-Enix will be showing off at E3 next week. Both their lists contain several titles that can best be described as “DO WANT!” and are getting me really excited for all the coverage that’ll be starting on the 15th.

Apparently Majesco didn’t want to be left out of all this pre-show hype generation, as they’ve also sent out the roster of titles we can expect them to be showing off. So what kind of games will they have? Let’s just say that fans of veterinary medicine and residential housing development won’t be disappointed.

  • Major Minor’s Majestic March (Wii)
  • Cooking Mama World Kitchen (Wii)
  • Our House (Wii)
  • Zoo Hospital (Wii)
  • AWAY Shuffle Dungeon (DS)
  • Wonder World Amusement Park (DS)
  • Babysitting Mania (DS)
  • Marker Man Adventures (DS)

I am kind of interested to hear more about Major Minor’s Majestic March, if for no other reason than to see what sort of interesting stuff the PaRappa the Rapper creators can come up with. AWAY Shuffle Dungeon also sounds like it could be a fun DS RPG, especially since its being developed by Mistwalker “Lost Odyssey was awesome” Studios. As for the other games … well, they’ll be there.

Are you psyched to finally be getting some more information on Babysitting Mania?

Justin Villasenor