Maiev Shadowsong is the next character for Heroes of the Storm

Whittling down the Warcraft III roster

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Blizzard keeps pumping out combatants for Heroes of the Storm, and the vast majority of them have been pretty great additions to the game. I have no doubt that Maiev Shadowsong will be included in that category, whenever the newly announced hero ends up being released (all signs point to a PTR next week).

Maiev’s kit will probably be similar to the “Warden” archetype from Warcraft III, which includes light invisibility, the area-of-effect fan of knives, blinking, ranged poison damage, and multiple shadow clones. We’ll know more once her spotlight debuts later today. As a refresher, she’s still relevant in the overall universe, having just appeared in WoW‘s Legion expansion. 

So breaking down what we need so that the original Warcraft III roster (including the tavern from the expansion) is complete — Naga Sea Witch, Pit Lord, Tauren Chieftan (E.T.C. isn’t quite the same), Dread Lord, Shadow Hunter, and Goblin Alchemist.

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