Magical Drop VI hits PC and Nintendo Switch April 25

magical drop vi release date switch pc

PlayStation and Xbox editions to follow

Here’s some fun news to kick off the week, (well, for me at least), as Forever Entertainment has announced a release date for the returning franchise Magical Drop — The sixth installment in the fast-paced puzzle series will launch on PC and Nintendo Switch on April 25.

As we have previously reported, Magical Drop is a long-running series of tile-based puzzlers that was birthed in the arcade market way back in 1995. One or two players fight it out as one of a number of cute anime avatars, all based on the Tarot, in a breathless battle to group together colored orbs and dispatch them onto your opponent’s playfield.

The goal of this simple-to-learn, hard-to-master gameplay is to set up your own playfield several moves ahead of time, so that the cascading globes will trigger a chain reaction of color groupings, inundating your opponent with extra orbs. (In fact, in Japan, the series is actually titled Chain Reaction.)

While there have been several Magical Drop sequels, the series has been on hiatus since 2012, when a Steam-released Magical Drop V proved to be a disaster — packed with bugs, threadbare on content, and ultimately pulled from sale. Forever Entertainment is clearly hoping to resurrect the franchise with this new release, which will feature six different single-player modes (including Story, Survival, and the mini-game filled “Path of Destiny”), as well as support for online and offline vs. battles.

Magical Drop VI launches on PC and Nintendo Switch April 25. PlayStation and Xbox editions will follow at a later date.

Chris Moyse
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