Magic: The Gathering’s next set, Zendikar Rising, will hit Arena on September 17

Paper Magic will get it on September 25

Despite a few physical product delays this year, Magic: The Gathering is still trucking along, which means Magic: The Gathering Arena is trucking along too.

Wizards of the Coast hasn’t missed a digital rollout timeline for a major set yet despite the current global situation, as they can just poof the cards into existence on Arena: which typically gets them before the paper community. That isn’t changing, as Wizards has announced today during San Diego Comic-Con at Home that Zendikar Rising will arrive on September 17 in Arena (September 25 in paper form).

Interestingly, Wizards is going to market Zendikar a bit differently compared to recent sets, as set booster packs will include 14 cards (12 actual cards, an art card and a last card that could either be a token, an ad, or a card from “the list” – a set of 300 cards curated from Magic history). Wizards is calling set boosters a “brand-new type of booster pack.” The first few cards from The List have been revealed today: Cloudgoat Ranger, Pact of Negation and Muscle Sliver.

I know some folks are itching for the next standard rotation to happen, but we’ll still have a few annoying cards in the mix (new Teferi! Cat ovens that aren’t too hard to counter but are annoying to play against in Arena due to the timing triggers!).

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