Magic moves up new ban list announcement, Field of the Dead expected to get hit

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Possibly Golos

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Wizards of the Coast is getting ready to post their updated banned and restricted (B&R) list now that the new Eldraine set is underway, and thanks to some current meta-developments, that date is getting pushed up a bit. Originally scheduled for November 18, the announcement will now be made on October 21, and a lot of players have narrowed down exactly what’s going to be on the chopping block.

Right now data shows that a deck based around “Field of the Dead,” a land that creates countless amounts of zombie tokens and is hard to counter (because lands generally can’t be destroyed, and the few cards that could easily take it out have been rotated), is accounting for roughly 22% of the entire meta in tourney place. The combo is exacerbated by Golos, Tireless Pilgrim, a card that was introduced in the last set (M20), as it can fetch any land (even special named non-basic/gate ones), allowing Field players to snatch their key card.

Although this combo existed before the standard rotation it’s become even more powerful and prevalent with a few of the removal of the aforementioned counters. A ban for Golos is less likely, but when the next-used deck clocks in at a measly 6.8% usage, something has to give, and Field is expected to be at least discussed on October 21. Another contentious card is Oko, Thief of Crowns, one of the best Planeswalker cards in recent years that’s used in multiple top-tier decks. Given that Oko just debuted in Eldraine and they’re still actively selling packs with him the chances of a ban are practically non-existent, but he’s something to keep an eye on.

Wizards actually banned Nexus of Fate in Arena for “best of one” play, so there’s precedent for Arena-only alterations. If that happens, expect to get four wild cards to use for any card of your choice in-game.

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