Magic: Arena’s next set is out, and you can use the code ‘PlayTheros’ for free packs

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Magic: Arena, following tradition, is ushering in the new Magic: The Gathering set a little earlier than its paper cousin.

Theros Beyond Death, the Greek mythology-themed set, is now live in Arena, with physical pre-release events happening this weekend and the full paper rollout launching on January 24. The big mechanics this time are escape (which lets you re-cast cards from your graveyard), devotion (same-colored mana can boost the strength of each card) and constellation (bonuses that trigger when you use enchantments in this enchantment-heavy set).

A number of other upgrades have arrived in Arena as well, like an icon that shows “first” when you initially earn a copy of a new card, a deck favorite system and naturally a ton of cosmetics. Good luck with your jank decks until the meta properly forms! I’m still using a few of these decks with some substitutions.

Here’s a tip when you first log in: use the code “PlayTheros” to unlock three free packs. Arena veterans are probably used to guessing the code at that point, as previous sets used nomenclature like “PlayEldraine” and “PlayRavnica.”

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