Magic: Arena is coming to mobile devices this year according to Hasbro CEO

It’s still a PC exclusive after nearly three years of beta/release time

Magic: Arena is still trucking along at a brisk pace, having moved right into the Theros: Beyond Death set, and scheduled to host Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths in April with Zendikar Rising coming in September. But at some point this year, Arena will be free of the shackles of its PC-exclusive limitations and will spread its wings on mobile.

Speaking on an earnings call this week, Hasbro CEO Brian Goldner made the bold claim that Arena would be ready for mobile primetime this year. Goldner says that there will be more concrete information (possibly a window?) at the New York Toy Fair this month, where Magic: The Gathering and Hasbro historically have a big presence.

Of course, this will probably come with some caveats. Magic: Arena has been notorious when it comes to technical issues on PC, and only just recently got a lot of years-long lingering issues from the beta under control. I really hope their top people are on the mobile port, and that they aren’t under pressure to rush this thing out to the door to meet an executive’s timeline.

MTG Arena [Hipsters of the Coast]

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