MAG gets a Q&A video, you can watch with your face orbs

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Sony social media manager and sexual ape Jeff Rubenstein has been hanging around with Zipper Interactive, asking them questions about Massive Action Game, the 256-player online FPS that we got to take a look at for a delicious hands-on preview. Because the questions were taken from the disgusting public, nothing truly interesting was actually asked, but it’s worth watching if you simply can’t get enough MAG down your slimy gullet.

This game is looking really hot and between all the previews it has certainly crept up my list of anticipated games. It seems that the PlayStation 3 is really starting to go toe-to-toe with Xbox Live and providing some extremely good, free-to-play online experiences. Hopefully this continues, and MAG goes on to cement the PS3’s place as a worthy online console. Hit the jump for the video.

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